Caniglia Gallery
Below are 12 different Galleries of Caniglia's artwork.

These galleries show just a small portion of Caniglia's overall work but they do offer insight into his incredible mastery at draftsmanship, power of composition and his portrayal of humanity through his brush of tradition.

Caniglia's paintings, drawings, etchings and mixed media photographs are thought provoking and evocative. Caniglia's art has a universal depth with themes that touch on birth, love, and death. His large scale allegorical paintings depict themes of loss, deprivation, and the innocence that we all search for. He creates imaginary worlds, where civilizations have gone to pieces, in hopes that they will choose another path.

As you look through the galleries you will discover Caniglia's mastery of composition and the human condition. His paintings give us insight and are allusions to classical art but at the same time strike at the heart of modern figurative painting.


Gallery One
"Days of No Horizon"


Gallery Two
"Extractions of a Lost World"


Gallery Three
"Love Transcends All"

Gallery Four


Gallery Five
"Oppressed Fruits and Vegetables"


Gallery Six
"From Bad Flesh"

Gallery Seven
"The Mechanics of Destruction"


Gallery Eight
"The Invention of Monsters"


Gallery Nine
"Innocence and Paradise"

Gallery Ten
"Sketches and Notes"


Gallery Eleven
"Grotesque Head Studies"


Gallery Twelve
"Mixed Media Photographs"